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We help you track your K-Pop collection.

Discover artists, organise your collections, track your orders and show off your cards.

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K-Pop collection software

Track your collection

Keep track of your collections - what you own, what you've ordered and what you still need - with our versatile and beautiful interface. No need to install or update. Our community-driven database ensures your collection has high-quality images and details. Perfect to show off to your friends.

  • Robust filters and sorting

    Browse your collection by artist, album, set and more.

  • Simple sharing

    Create collections that are easy to share with your friends.

  • Mobile companion apps Coming soon

    Use our iOS or Android apps to manage your collection on the go.

  • Web-based storage

    It's all in the cloud, so you can connect from any device you'd like.

A screenshot from K-Collect showing the browse page which contains recommended artists and albums, as well as staff picks of the week
K-Pop database

Discover new & old albums

Not sure which artist to collect? Find your next collection with over 105,000 photocards in our database. Browse by artist, company, album, member and more. Discover what's new this week, what's great this year, and all-time favourites - finding your next collection has never been easier.

  • Album summaries

    At a glance, review the tracklist, credits, global stats and more.

  • Member tracking

    Check out all of the photocards of a specific member.

  • Market & value data Coming soon

    Find pricing information for albums from your local sellers.

  • Member wiki Coming soon

    Learn more about your favourite members, with biographies, history and social media accounts.

There's more...

Group order toolsComing soon

We offer new ways to reach, engage and manage customers with a growing suite of tools. If you're a group order manager in need of software to help organise your group orders, or want to be a part of our network, check out our GOM Program.

Powered by fans, for fans

We're backed by a wonderful, detail-oriented community and a robust contribution system. Members can submit issues or make corrections to be reviewed by our community moderators.

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